Custom Laser Etching

Make your Cajun Microwave a one of a kind… personalize it with your name or logo. Images are laser etched directly onto beautiful cypress panels. Etching may only be done on cypress panels on the Cajun Microwaves, and must be done PRIOR to assembly.

Want a personalized Cajun Microwave, but don’t want to wait for a custom-built unit with etched panels? You can purchase a Cajun Microwave in-stock and personalize it by having your name or logo etched on a plate and attached to the Cajun Microwave later!

Etched images may be produced from a number of formats: electronic photo or file, several types of line art, or can be hand-drawn. Laser etched panels are specific to each customer’s requirements and therefore prices vary. Contact AL to discuss the cost of personalizing your Cajun Microwave.

Below are examples of some custom laser etching done for customers. Be as creative with your design as you want to… Make it an expression of your personality, or a great representation of your company pride.