How to use Al’s Cajun Microwaves

  • Prepare the food and place it in a Square Pot, Chicken Cooker, or Pig Flipper
  • Lift & remove stainless steel coal bed
  • Place the Square Pot, Chicken Cooker or Pig Flipper inside the Cajun Microwave
  • Replace the coal bed on top of the Cajun Microwave
  • Light the coals on the coal bed. Hardwood charcoal is recommended
  • Place the BBQ Grill on top of the coal bed for cooking appetizers while the main course cooks inside

A good guide is to cook white meats 3-4 hours, beef / pork roast 3-5 hours, and pigs 6-8 hours, depending on food weight. The radiating heat cooks the food evenly & the coal bed creates a moisture-lock to produce natural gravies and sauces without adding water.