1. Place your Pig Flipper on your cooking work table with permanent rods down, perforated holes & open side up.
  2. Place your pig inside the Pig Flipper with ribs down, back side up. Season the pig using an injection needle and seasoning mixture. Or, using a slender knife, make several slits in the pig and stuff with a mixture of fresh garlic, onion, bellpepper, and spices.
  3.  Install temporary rods through the Pig Flipper to hold your pig firmly against the permanent rods.
  4. Remove the coal bed and thermometer and rotate your Pig Flipper so now that the pig’s ribs are up, and it’s back is down. Be sure the drain at the bottom of the microwave is open & a grease catch-tub is in place under the microwave.
  5.  Replace the coal bed & thermometer and add about 7-8 lbs of hardwood charcoal (medium microwave) or 10 lbs (large microwave.) Note: Although not required, hardwood charcoal as opposed to charcoal briquets are preferred.
  6.  Light the charcoal or logs
  7. Spread the charcoal once they are burning evenly. The thermometer will start to register heat in the microwave – when you reach 250-350 degrees, you’re at optimum cooking temperature.
  8. Maintain this temporature for 4-6 hrs, continuing to add coals or lift the coal bed to release excess heat if necessary. Note: Excessive opening will reduce cooking results.
  9. Remove the coal bed & thermometer using the two “S” hooks provided & place on the ground, or other surface that won’t be affected by the high temperature. Using the same “S” hooks, remove the Pig Flipper & set it on your cooking work table. Quickly replace coal bed on the microwave, as to not loose too much heat.
  10. Rotate the Pig Flipper to it’s original position, with the removable rods up. Take off the individual rod clips, and remove the rods. Using a sharp knife, cut the back skin of the pig in a checker-board grid as to expose the fat and make bite-size cracklins. Spread an ample amount of your favorite season-all mixture.
  11. Remove the coal bed & thermometer. Place Pig Flipper inside the microwave and replace the coal bed immediately. Again, add coals as needed to bring the temperature back up to the 250-350 degree range. Continue to cook for another 2-3 hrs, lifting the coal bed occasionally to ensure the skin is cooking well.
  12. Once you’ve determined your pig is cooked to your liking, use “S” hooks to remove the coal bed & take out the thermometer. Raise the Pig Flipper using “S” hooks, and set it on the outer edge of the microwave.
  13.  Insert the two longer stainless steel rods (without pins) through the holes in the outer edges of the Pig Flipper. Set it slightly down into the microwave… the longer stainless rods will keep the Pig Flipper at the top of the microwave, which makes for easy serving, keeps the food warm for a while, and catches all the mess.
  14. Clean your microwave with warm soapy water only.